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    3. ErP EcoDesign

      Approach to New Energy Efficiency Standard. Creation of Comfort

      Fujitsu General's Action

      The new energy efficiency standard, as known Energy-related products (ErP) Directive, is set for improving the environmental performance by requiring integrates product design.

      FUJITSU GENERAL provides the products that meet the EU action plan 20/20/20*1 and the implementing measures for air-conditioners in the ECO-Design Directive (ErP)*2 .

      FUJITSU GENERAL is focusing on the development of high seasonal efficiency products that are adapted to meet the new energy efficiency requirements starting*3 from January 2013

      By 2020, CO2 emission -20%, Renewable energy share 20%, Primary energy use -20%
      Commission Regulation 206 / 2012 / EU.
      New Energy Labelling Requirement 626 / 2011 / EU.

      EcoDesign of countries

      EU EcoDesign Turkey EcoDesign

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