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  • KE Designer Series Special page - KE Designer Series Air Conditioners for Europe with Elegant Feeling Beauty from any angle

Let’s take a look at this video


Does it have to have the same design?

What we aim is a well-designed air conditioner especially for Europe. It is different from Japanese one harmonized with its surroundings and it appeals comfortable elegant feeling in the room.

Enhance the beauty of the interior

  • Silver × Dark gray version #01
  • Silver × Dark gray version #02
  • Silver × Dark gray version #03
  • Pearl white × white version #01

Does it have to be smooth surface?

The texture of the front panel expresses craftmanship existing in Europe.The texture changes the expression by the changing light of the day.

Textured design

Curved and Sleek

Does it have to be square?

Light-elegant and three-dimensional expression composed of curved surface is beautiful from anywhere.

High energy saving

Comfortable airflow & Silent operation

The big louver and the new air blowing structure have attained a comfortable air flow that spreads wider to user’s feet and silent operation.

Smart Device control (Option)

Mobile Control image

Easy air conditioner control from inside or outside the house and office using the Smartphones, Tablets, and PC. (Supplied loose as standard for site installation)

Low GWP* For Refrigerant

Refrigerant R32

It has a lower global warming potential of one-third than that of R410A, which is used for conventional air conditioners. It is a becoming-popular new refrigerant.

GWP=global warming potential.

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