April 26, 2022


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Fujitsu General to Take Part in the Ministry of the Environment's Subscription-based Air Conditioning Promotion Project

Fujitsu General has been selected as a service provider for the "Subscription-based Air Conditioning Promotion Model Project" (hereinafter "the Project") that Japan's Ministry of the Environment is implementing.

Outline of the Project

In 2021, 80% of the people who died from heatstroke in the 23 wards of Tokyo were aged 65 or over, many of them dying in their homes. It was also found that 90% of these people who died at home did not use air conditioning. To prevent heatstroke, it is therefore important to install air conditioners and use them appropriately. However, the initial cost of installing an air conditioner is an issue for many elderly people. *1

In response to this situation, the Ministry of the Environment has launched a model project aimed at reducing the initial cost of installing an air conditioner by offering air conditioning as a subscription-based service (for a fixed monthly cost). In January of this year, the ministry began inviting applications from service providers wishing to participate in the project.

In partnership with the principal service provider, the NPO Value Creation Platform, Fujitsu General is supplying residential air conditioners in Toda City, Saitama Prefecture and in Taku City, Saga Prefecture. The model project will run from April 2022 through to February 2023.

Reasons for Participating in the Project

In line with the company's goal of contributing to society, as a key element of sustainable management, Fujitsu General is committed to facilitating healthy, clean, and safe living spaces. Through its involvement in this project, the company can collect data to help examine more effective methods for preventing heatstroke, and contribute to ensuring more secure, safe living spaces.

Through this project, the Fujitsu General Group will continue to pursue solutions to social problems and contribute to the realization of the SDGs, as part of its "Sustainable Management" commitment.

From the Ministry of the Environment website (Jan. 28, 2022)

「ノクリア」Xシリーズ 室內機寫真

nocria? X Series

For this project, Fujitsu General is supplying its top-of-the-line nocria X Series of residential air conditioners, equipped with the company's original air flow control technology that eliminates the discomfort caused by strong currents of cold air, a frequently cited reason for not using air conditioners. The X Series also features very high energy efficiency.Promoting the use of energy-saving air conditioners also helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

nocria? X Series 2022 (Japan website - Japanese)

nocria is registered trademark of Fujitsu General.